New Ferry Rangers FC actively seeks sponsorship for a number of reasons including the following:

  1. To raise funds for the club
  2. To improve our professionalism through better equipment facilities
  3. To improve links with the local community
  4. To improve links with companies

A pack is given to potential sponsors. This gives a brief history of the club and also facts and figures and a description of the specific team seeking sponsorship. Included below is a selection of what we can offer sponsors in return. New Ferry Rangers FC is very aware that sponsorship is a two-way matter and that sponsors should be made welcome and feel part of the club.

In return for sponsorship we will undertake to:
  1. Promote the sponsors name via our website
  2. Encourage club members to use the sponsors and generally promote the sponsors’ name wherever and whenever possible.
  3. Obtain high profile media coverage (eg. presentation of shirts and articles throughout the season)
  4. Provide Press coverage of the club as a whole during the season
  5. Invite sponsors to high profile club events such as presentation evenings, annual meetings, social events etc
  6. Underline that sponsors will be supporting both youth and sport in a large neighbourhood and be associated with one of the fastest developing football clubs in Cheshire
  7. If requested & provided, Prominently display an advertising board at home matches provided by the sponsors to any design they wish

New Ferry Rangers FC has the ability to be recognised as one of the top football clubs in Cheshire. Potential sponsors will help us to achieve this aim and in return we will promote the sponsor whenever and wherever possible.