New Ferry Rangers Clubhouse / Youth Club

The New Ferry Rangers Community Clubhouse is an ongoing project which is aiming to transform the currently under-used youth centre on on Cornwell Close into a modern youth club. This will bring new facilities for the local community, including five-a-side football pitches, a gym and a community café.

The current youth centre is only open for several hours a week hosting taekwondo classes. Our aim with the new clubhouse is to have a variety of facilities with daily opening hours. This will result in more activities and opportunities to the community.

Artist rendition of the youth club
An artist’s rendition of the clubhouse after completion.

The new youth centre will have a modern appearance and will be well looked after by the club. We hope that by providing these facilities that they will be well used and loved by all. You can see some examples of how the clubhouse will look on this page.

Work on transforming the currently neglected area has now begun. We are aiming to open the clubhouse to the public by December 2020. All news regarding the clubhouse will be posted on our news page.

Community Reaction

“The New Ferry Youth Centre project has been ongoing for a couple of years now, and we as New Ferry Rangers first got involved because we felt that the club was being massively underused, which for us is a really sad statistic, not just for us but for the whole New Ferry community.”

Simon Crabtree, Club Chairman

“In this area, we have Bebington Youth Club which hasn’t been used enough in quite some time now, and I’m really keen to see the project take off that will see New Ferry Rangers, our local football club, take over the youth club site and really bring it back into full community use.”

Alison McGovern MP, Labour MP for Wirral South

“New Ferry Youth Club means a great deal to many people in this community. To me, there is a great personal connection. My great grandmother started volunteering at the youth centre when it was first opened. Even my own parents met at New Ferry Youth Club and back in 2013 I was proud to have led the campaign to save it. This proposed development by New Ferry Rangers Football Club will not only enhance grass-roots football locally, but will provide a facility to help grow and support young people from far and wide, providing them with opportunities that at the moment they don’t have.”

Warren Ward, Bromborough Councillor